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Anonymous—  1/20/03

This design will match for Trade Center 7

Build Ming's-palace-like building for Trade Center 7 to house shops hotel small apartments offices that people go onto and Windows of the World Restaurant and Observatory: with glass elevators build with Emerald-City-like buildings on lower floors it if you can give tourist their area of trade center 7 and to show the world future peace and USA construction workers can build buildings better and taller by showing Ming's palace outside design for WORLD peace and keep tourist out of Trade Center 1 to 6 offices A SIGHT TO SEE The WTC Memorial only we will sending the Sears Tower the John Hancock Center The Empire State Building Malaysia > Petronas Towers and buildings of the world to this parallel universe where the WTC towers still stand this make WTC Memorial only group happy to set a colony in the parallel universe by showing bin ladin we love it and we went more Memorials only get HRH Construction Corp. to rebuild our 110 story wtc2 twin towers with smaller offices in the towers small apartments do high cost of busing [not put wealthy-only condos for wealthy owners to trash it and lose are twin towers for a 2nd time this time to be turn down in 2100 area ALL MIX USE buildings WENT WEALTHY LIVING ONLY OVER STORES MOST STOP THAT CHEERING NON-DRIVERS OLDLY BLIND PEOPLE HANDICAP DYING IN STORMS CRIME TRAFFIC AND BURNING IN OLD RUNDOWN FLATS KIDS FROM OLD FLATS BUILT WITH RADON IN ITS WALLS THROWING UP IN THE CLASSROOMS AND HRH Construction Corp. SICK TO NEAR RADIO CITY in trade center 7 to cut on the cost of busing and need apartment to replace the old flats bad build trade center 1st wtc 110 story high build with more steal HRH Construction Corp can build so good bin ladin can’t knock it down a 2nd time due to the x all over the building and use module buildings on trade center 3 to 6 and build singer building for trade center 8 where the office building that is crashing down slow one with turn flag on it HRH Construction Corp built Worldwide Plaza to look like it was built in 1920s to outsiders it look old it was built in 1986-89 they did a good job on it HRH Construction Corp rebuild wtc 110 story twin towers it will look like 9.11.01 ghost with good flood lights someday get HRH Construction Corp to rebuild the Empire State Building after it has to be turn down due to old age and high upkeep cost. Use this for the chapel in the enclosed courtyard memorial park centerpiece 4 spiraling streams flow over 200 small waterfalls to a central pool. This is the silent, sacred core of the park.


George Howley in NYC—  3/3/03



Jon in Nashville—  3/8/03

Great idea man the best.


Anonymous in USA—  5/1/03

Your design is very thoughtful and both functional and attractive. I think it is easily the nicest one I've seen - forty years ago I would probably have been inspired by it, for in those days I strongly believed that trade was the answer to the world’s nationalistic and religious childishness. But in the decades which followed I saw that notion bastardized and turned into ‘just another militaristic horror’. And so, on balance, my reaction to your efforts is revulsion, with a bit of sadness ... I understand your (and the world’s) anger, but where was it when the atrocities were not so spectacular, when they were simple, every day insults and bullying, not only abroad but especially here at home.

If we want a memorial, how about fixing our schools, feeding our own people, vowing to clean up our environment?


John Albert in Chicago, Illinois—  6/1/03

I must say that your WTC-rebuilding proposal has to be the best-conceived, most elaborate, practically useful, and in the end most symbolically appropriate proposition I have seen to date.

The rebuilding of a functional skyscraper with numerous memorial, symbolic elements seems like the most pro-active way to address this emotional issue. Your 'come out swinging' attitude is exactly what I feel this country and economy need at this time. To erect a smaller building, or even worse, a small-scale structure or simple park would definitely seem like a balking, fearful step backward, even an admission of defeat. On the other hand, to construct a new, functional building, much bigger and better than what stood there before, would seem like the classic American response. We really need to restore the American public's faith in the concept of 'peaceful commerce throughout the world,' rather than threats, bullying and force of war.

The current presidential administration, however, has clearly demonstrated its level of commitment to stimulating either world peace or economic growth.

Furthermore, it seems obvious that big commercial interests and their innate fear of risk are the biggest enemy an approach like yours has at this time. The banks and developers who would fund and underwrite such a project have deep-seated fears of sinking multiple tens of millions into a huge project that in this recessive economy might just turn out to be a giant white elephant. A case in point: The Sears Tower. Here in Chicago, that huge office building was built by the Sears Roebuck Corporation in the 1970's, and since then has never seen over 70% occupancy. In the late '80's it was sold to a Japanese investment company, and to this day, the prohibitive cost of downtown office space coupled with the high cost of maintenance have conspired to keep rent up and occupancy low. In this slow-growth economy, the market just does not favor the construction of huge downtown office buildings, no matter how noble the symbolic cause. And add to that the 'post-911' fear many people have of working in such environments, and most developers will be loath to back such a bold proposal.

I wish it were otherwise. Making any big change or bold statement takes guts. And we really need something impressively positive--like such a constructive feat of engineering--to restore faith in our country's power for good. Not to mention the potential for tourist income, such a building could be a great boon to downtown Lower Manhattan, and a proud testament to the indomitable American (and New Yorkers') spirit. Who knows? Perhaps the federal government could step in with a huge grant for the project.

Have you ever submitted this proposal of yours officially? Did you get a reply? If so, would you mind posting it?


My Reply to John Albert—  6/2/03

Really enjoyed your entry into my guestbook, thanx for taking the time to write.

Sorry to hear about the Sears Tower. I didn’t know that even after all these years it has never filled. That has to be a discouragement for rebuilding tall in New York. I guess the only hope would be a huge grant, to keep the rents competitive, since it would be much more expensive per square foot to build than a much lower building.

I have tried to submit my idea, but not being an architect I couldn't participate in the main competition for the site design. I wrote to all the higher ups— mayor, governor, LMDC— but only got back form letters, if anything. If I do get anything significant I’ll post in on my comments page.


Marsha Cash in Paducah, Kentucky—  9/7/03



Angela in Colorado Springs—  9/12/03

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John Storrow in Boston, Massachusetts—  10/13/03

I dig your stuff man. My wife does too. The one with the dark swimming pool on the Titanic reminded me of my own stuff.

Always interested in interacting with other artists about Ideas etc. I just put a link to your site on mine ( You can do the same if you wish.


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