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Riz in British Columbia, Canada裏1/16/02

I think your design is great, i'm kinda young so i don't know much about engineering but i'm glad at least the thought of building the WTC is in progress, it was a symbol of america power also as you said it was supposed to symbolize peace and if we don't rebuild it that means we have given up!

Again great work, much appreciated i hope all plans go through.


Frankie Almonte in New York裏1/16/02

I think your idea is great. I really like the idea of walkways connecting each tower because if the original towers had walkways or escape routes many people wouldn't have lost their lives. It would also be a tragedy if we do not rebuild lower Manhattan. Good luck on your design and I hope you see your dream become reality.


Andrew Waddilove in Austin, TX裏1/29/02

Well done, and an excellent proposal! The tri-tower design is an excellent way to show them that we're not afraid to build tall skyscrapers.

The memorial too is also excellent. It's a great way to remember the past, but to also look to the future.

Keep up the good work! Your design would definitely make New York, both the skyline and her people, a proud city once again.


Frank Andrews in USA裏2/5/02

I like your idea. The buildings you are proposing look magnificent and graceful. The idea I have come up with, I believe would compliment your structure. It is just this... have some sort of light shaft on the top of the atrium that would focus the sun light directly on the globe at the bottom each September 11th at noon. I believe this would be a fitting and solemn display that people could experience each year on that one day.

Please let me know what you think.

In addition, I was thinking that the equinox is roughly two weeks after September 11th. That puts the sun almost completely vertical at Noon on the 11th. A light shaft would appear to be straight as viewed from the ground. Or the light shaft could be inset into a truly vertical shaft. This would allow for some adjustment if needed.


Viviane Nye in Columbus, Ohio裏2/6/02

I don't live in NY nor was I ever even there before but I still hurt everyday.

I do think the people that died would want something rebuilt. I would.

I want to be free and maybe being so free as we are will always make it somewhat unsafe but I'd rather die free and fighting for it.


Ted in United States裏2/17/02

I am doing some research on Easter Island. I saw your listing at Google and stopped on by. Your site was not what I was expecting and you are quite a character. Enjoyed my visit, wish I had your bills, you have a very nice site.


Maria Martins in Bangkok, Thailand裏3/1/02

Hi from Bangkok, Thailand as well! Rock on with YOUR imagination as well, Warren, and thanks for the boost!


Rocco Bollotta in Panama City, FL USA裏3/12/02

Excellent design. Build it. Should be even taller, world's tallest, to show our resolve at being the best and that we cannot be shaken by terrorism.


Ari in New York, USA裏3/16/02

Fantastic! I really love your proposal. It's strikingly elegant, yet safe and reassuring with its interconnected towers. I can only hope something as nice as this will be built.


Tami Stivers in Paducah, KY裏4/16/02

I'm impressed with your philosophy book. You're quite comical.


Steve Cook in Portland裏4/18/02

Steve Cook WUZ Here.


Lori in Paducah, KY裏4/21/02

The World Trade Center Idea is really awesome. 111 stories is perfect... the memorial is perfect... let's make everybody happy ><



Tyler Hovland in Rushford, MN裏4/22/02

I strongly support your idea for a memorial. It would be sacred and still provide workspace. I also love the design of the towers and I would like to wish you luck with your proposal.


Nisha Ali in NEW ZEALAND裏4/24/02

Kia Ora from NZ.

Congratulations on your design it sounds very constructive, one of the best ideas you have is to honour all the victims of the attacks by making it a main feature of the new buildings, it's put a tear in my eye reading your ideas, and I like the fact that building parts from the original world trade center are considered in your structure and the reason for you including it is lovely. I thought the original sphere from the plaza was found? Maybe that could be in your structure as well. I feel that people need to accept and remember the attacks and not ban things to do with the old trade center, because the more we open up about it the stronger we will be because if we tiptoe around the attacks we are not respecting those who died. So Kia Kaha (Be Strong) and stand up for what you believe in.

Nisha Ali - NZ


Brian in Mesa, AZ裏8/2/02

Just wanted to let you know as much as I don't think the fear of the masses with allow us to rebuild the WTC. I am one who believes that the buildings should be rebuilt.

I watched as the architectural firm retained to do the new site development take the safe position as I suspected.

To date I haven't seen a single design as good as yours, It is a great blend of reason and attitude.

I grew up in England and so I am familiar with terrorism (The IRA). The only way to battle terrorism is to not show fear... period!

I only wish we as a country were as fearless as we say we are. My guess is we will dishonor those who died and our pride by building some feeble, lame and uninspiring structure because it will be "safe" and I don't mean safe with regard to human life.

I am proud to be an American and wish we would stop trying to be politically correct. I just doesn't suit us. It is like a football player at a tea party, it just doesn't look right.

Nice work...


Rick Powell in Auburn, Ky USA裏8/12/02



Kyle Lake in Trenton, NJ裏8/20/02

Warren, just visiting the site again. Showing a friend the WTC plans. I really like your ideas and hope you'll push them forward. I would like to put a link and news story on PPC regarding your ideas.


J Arter in Columbus, Ohio裏9/3/02

I love it!!!!

I would like to add an idea that I had for the footprints.

I have watched the town hall meetings. The families would really like pictures of their loved ones.

I would like to see a 6ft glass wall surrounding the footprints of both buildings. The pressed glass wall should contain pictures of the people who lost their lives in each building, Name (in alpha order), who they worked for, and the people that they left behind and/or a paragraph of who they were.

The glass enclosure should light up at night just like it did a few months ago. I would like to see a square water containment with grass surrounding the water inside the glass walls.

I hope this idea will help in some way And I hope we all reach an agreement that everyone will be happy with so that 9/11 will never be forgotten whether it be 10 years or 500 years from now. Thank you for listening.


Carl Weber in New York City裏9/7/02

I enjoyed your concepts for the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site - I am so for rebuilding something grand and soaring to reach up to the stars!

Godspeed New York City!



Herb Winstead in USA裏9/7/02

I was impressed with your vision for the WTC rebuilding and by far feel that it is better than the six official proposals. Yes, bigger and better. We as Americans, well, are the master of own destiny, and I for one will not let a fanatic take away my belief in our way of life. I work 40 plus hours a week and am barely able to make ends meet, but i would not change a thing about my situation. I feel that we as a nation should suck it up and dig in. We may indeed be in for a long fight. Islamic fundamentalists can try and bring there "holy war" to us, but I belive we have the back bone to stand up and fight back. I am a son of a Vietnam vet', but i myself never served in the armed forces, because for some 25 years the world knew that it best keep its distance. The sacrifice of so many of my parents generation made it possible for my mine not to see a draft or major war or conflict. I am now too old for service but I am a supporter of our President and his military decisions. God Bless All Who Serve to keep us all free. In the words of Japanese General Yamamoto "we have awakened a sleeping dragon" I think all Islamic extremists are now wondering what they will do with 250 million pissed off Americans. My children will never forget this. I will make sure that they understand what Islam is and that the teaching of the Coran teach hatred of all non-Islamic people. Well I for one could never kill just to make a point or to terrorize someone. And to do it in the name of god, thats a joke. What god would ask us to kill for him? NOT MINE.


Bob Stonbely in Casselberry, FL裏9/7/02

This is the best design I have seen so far. It takes into account all aspects from thr memorial, to a museum, to keeping the original building's footprints intact, to the most important part, rebuilding bigger and better than before. New York and America need to show the terrorists that they cannot break our spirit and there is no better way then to rebuild and give New York back the lost piece of it's skyline.


Spence Guerin in Melbourne, Florida USA裏9/26/02

By golly, this WTC design looks super! Maybe you should print up some posters, distribute in Manhattan. They won't be looking for this coming from...uh...Paducah, Kaintucky.


Isaac Phillips in Paducah, KY裏10/2/02

You have put together an excellent site, Mr. Farr! I do especially like your ideas regarding the WTC rebuilding concepts. You should submit your ideas to the appropriate people in New York, in my opinion.


Desire in Paducah, KY裏10/4/02

Warren, you are one of the most unique and creative people I have ever met. Your sense of humor is a delight in a world that seems to have lost its sense of humor. Keep up the good work!


Name: Dave in USA裏10/13/02

I believe your design for the rebuilding of the World Trade Center is unbelievable. Your design concept and 3D pictures are beautiful. I would hope that your design/proposal is taken seriously and given a good chance to become a reality.


Pat Rogers in USA裏11/12/02

A nice site with a lot of information, glad i stumbled onto it.


Stephen Burroughs in France裏11/21/02

I think your idea of rebuilding WTC as a taller and more imposing ensemble would be a tribute to those who unfortunately lost their lives in 9/11 which is still a mind boggling event beyond the tragedy is it a coincidence that the date should also be an emergency number?


Princess in KC裏11/23/02

I am the cutest girl in the world.


Deon Doughty in AZ裏12/9/02

Dear Warren,

Love your site.

This post is also an announcement that I will be in Paducah, Ky from December 26 - January 3rd. I am looking forward to seeing you and all of my crazy friends.

Happy Holidays.



Trisha Binder in Benton, KY裏12/9/02

Just wanted to see your website!!!



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HRH Construction Corp rebuild wtc 110 story twin towers it will look like 9.11.01 ghost with good flood lights someday get HRH Construction Corp Empire State Building after it has to be turn down do to oldage and high upkeep cost...


Tony Santamaria in Osan AB, South Korea裏12/20/02

I love that proposal. I agree with the others who have responded saying it is far better than any other. If 119 floors is doable, it should be done. The cost shouldn't be an option with all the funds that have been pouring in. Find out who is scamming the money and let's start building this thing. I know there will be a huge increase in tourism to see it. After a few years it will be all paid for. If we don't build it, we will always regret it. The foam is a good idea also. Maybe you should even look into getting a radar antenna up there. Good luck to you.


Linda in Baltimore裏12/21/02

I liked all the elements you included in the all over design of the area... not just the tri tower design... the area around the tri towers allows a flow for human beings... the loss of human life is not being overlooked like the futuristic silly designs of the other proposed designs...
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