While some read this as a man trying to throw a woman off a cliff, it’s intended as a depiction of consensual edgeplay, the woman desiring to be held over a precipice in such a way that should the man choose he could release her and she would have no way of saving herself, a fantasy inspired by Tolstoy, quoted by Havelock Ellis in his Psychology of Sex.

View from the driver's seat of a car, showing a man and woman on a cliff under a moonlit sky, the words 'JUST LOVERED' written on the back window and visible in the rearview mirror
Car Series, Lovered
© 2006 Warren Farr
oil on hardboard, 22”h x 30”w, L14

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blowup of entire painting (258kb load)blowup of entire painting (273kb load)
detail of view through windshielddetail of view through windshield

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