Notes on Pricing
MY WORK generally sells well, yet I regard every sale, whether to a beginning or veteran collector, as the highest compliment.
If the work is for sale the price is given under the description. Although prices vary to some degree depending on the characteristics, quality, and difficulty of the individual piece they are generally consistent with those obtained from other paintings of similar size and type. To give you an idea of what to expect to pay for a typical work in a particular category, here are some ballparks:

Wrigley Field. Dodger Stadium. Just kidding. Here we go. M Series paintings, the small monochromes, run mid three figures. K Series, the sculpted and deeply-colored pieces, when available run low four figures. Similar works in the larger N Series (often requiring hundreds of hours to complete) are mid to high four figures. The current L (Car) Series are presently low four figures, but since they’re selling well will probably go up before long. Large framed photographs (one of a kind) are low three figures. Limited-edition giclées are two figures.

I’m not planning on doing any more P Series (pencil drawings).

Works designated “collection the artist” are not for sale, for-sale works are described as framed or unframed (paintings invariably come already-framed) followed by the price. A brief description of the frame is given, if a framed work is under glass or Plexiglas that is so stated. Sizes given in the description are image sizes— allow up to five or six inches additional each way for the frame.

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