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Vanessa in Paducah裏1/25/07

Hey, this is the cashier from Kroger. Just wanted to let you know that your work is amazing. I love it. I will keep an eye on your site in case you update. Keep up the work and I値l probably see you at Kroger.



Ramon Priddy in Paducah, KY裏3/7/07

Cool pics! Love the bondage! Wouldn't mind tying up a few women myself. Hope to get to know em. Glad to find you again warren.


Ramon Priddy in Paducah, KY裏3/8/07

Hey Warren, cool site. Found a couple of interesting links. Hope we can get together on them, lol. Later dude.


Bryan Sheehan in Apple Valley, San Bernardino裏5/9/07

I enjoyed your site. Bookmarked in my 吐un folder.


Dylan Wood in Mayfield, KY裏6/15/07

Hey. How are u. Haven't heard from u in a while. I thought u mightve got u net cut off. I'm fixing to get a new job. I can't stand BK anymore. Got any parties planned for anytime soon?


Jimmy Pesci in Key West, FL裏9/29/07

Nice site. Extremely talented. Skylightbabe told me about you.


Amy Rising Brown in Nashville, USofA裏10/21/07

Great meeting you last night at Fat Moe's - enjoy your art - but I really enjoy your musings on life! :) Thanks for coming by last night - hope to see you in January when we return! :) - Amy, Phoenix Rising
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