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hey sorry it took me so long to sign your guest book... but i finally got to it. it was really nice meeting you and to take the tour of your house! ;) i was definitely amazed by your work! i loved it! maybe next time i go out there i will see you again... and i hope to hear from you soon... Stephanie (beer bobs daughter)


Mamie Nishide in NY裏2/13/06

Hi, Warren. I am a friend of Dorothy who just moved to Paducah and she told me about your art and site. Great art works. Thanks. 柚amie


Char Downs in Paducah裏2/17/06



Madeleine in South Carolina裏2/22/06

I often steal a peek at your website and love the new additions. I thoroughly enjoyed being a guest at your party last week and hope to see pictures from your upcoming affairs. I think I shall be quite partial to snow and to the effects of bourbon from now on! Many Blessings... M.


Sarah Roush in Paducah裏3/17/06

Go Warren!!!


Deb in Indy裏4/2/06

Warren: You are an extremely gifted baby boomer going by your website! I am a fan of your friend, Marvin. So you & I agree on him as a thumb痴 up. Poor guy doesn't get to educate us because we all keep stirring the pot. Anyway, glad you visited our Acts Class in Indy. I hope you have an insightful visit soon to Stones River. 優eb


Dylan Wood in Mayfield, Ky裏4/8/06

Do u have a msn or yahoo account? id like my friends to meet u? via net.


Heather in Paducah, Ky裏4/25/06

Hey Warren, Good meeting you last week! Hope all is well on your end! Be sure to visit Eric痴 web site sometime at Good Day! Heather


Eric Streit in Paducah, Ky裏5/2/06

Thanks for keeping in touch!

Great site!



Cindy Medford in Paducah, KY USA裏5/28/06

It was nice to meet you during the Lowertown Arts Festival. Great site.



Dylan in Mayfield裏6/2/06

hey warren whos that nicky white chick? shes nice looking.


TJ in Brick Township, NJ裏7/22/06

(entry moved to WTC Readers Comments page)


Ron Blackwood in Scotts Hill, TN裏7/24/06

Hey Warren... How Ya Doin


Celia Bachi in Paducah裏9/16/06

It took a very long time to navigate through your site, but I enjoyed getting a glimpse of your life/mind. I especially enjoyed your writings. cb


Dylan Wood in Mayfield裏9/22/06

Hey man. Love the undercoat pic. Those volcanos are so bizarre, but they rock. Anyway how is everything? My fam has car insurance now so yar for me!


Christian Connett in Iowa/USA裏9/26/06

Warren, I am a Film Score Composer and came across a site linking to yours... Great work, I am a new fan!


Officeworms in New York裏10/8/06

I知 novice to your site, but I like it very much! Very nice artwork! Chilly design! I love it! :)


Nikki Stivers in Louisville, KY裏10/24/06

Hi uncle warren! I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing. I get chills looking at some of your pieces and am so proud of what you have done. For once, I actually know what you meant by some of your pieces by reading the little exerpts about them at the top. Anyway, I can't wait to see you and the rest of the family Thanksgiving! 有ove Nikki


Ty King in Harvest裏11/15/06

I love your drawings and paintings. They are awesome. I especially love the titanic paintings. I like your idea of doing a titanic painting every year till 2012. Your paintings are most definitely different and cool. Keep it up!


Karla in Ketchikan, Alaska裏11/18/06

溺ammoth Mine Entrance is a masterpiece. I am also quite impressed with 鉄tocks and Bonds, 鼎ones, and 典V Series #1, just to name a few. Wow, great work!


VMAX across the way from your house裏12/4/06

I love you, Warf!
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