2001 Guestbook


Love your website.


Gail Hitchcock裏3/29/01

Hi Warren!!!!



Love your new car series shot on the front page... when did you zip that one up anyway? Boy, I see you're really cranking out the art! Love it!


Trip Dortch in Simpsonville, KY裏7/24/01

Hey Warren. I had to come check out your site since I saw you at Max's the other night. I haven't checked anything out yet 'cause I wanted to make sure and sign your guestbook. I liked the haiku though...


aka... MAGENTA in Midwest - United States裏8/21/01

This website was rec. to me by another visitor here... interesting, very intriguing. I sense a definite pattern here...



Oh, Warren, I am SO happy to sign your guest list! What an evening this has been now that I wandered onto your site. What was of especial interest to me, as a practical woman, was your sensible commentary on mobile home size. Thank you for that advice. Lauren


Anna Gustafsson in Varberg, Sweden裏9/9/01

Well, really like your site! Your art is really good! And thankyou for your mail! It made me smile... And I will (someday) follow your advice about coloring, the only question is when. /Anna


Maria Martins in Bangkok, Thailand裏9/10/01

Thanks for visiting my Elfwood page, Warren! I greatly appreciated what you said about my pic, "Harpy's Captive", and you've given me the inspiration to finish it rather than let it rot under my desk! Your art is very amazing, and keep up the great work! Chow... :)


Brandon Raftery in Indianapolis, Indiana裏10/8/01

Your website is well thought out...nice layout..keep up the good work.


Gail, Amy, Josh (Gail's friends)裏11/10/01


Wow....that says it all. You're a talented artist, and an interesting writer. I hope you maintain this webpage, have a great day!



Buz Smith in Paducah KY裏12/2/01

Warren, I enjoyed your web page. Too bad photography can't do your painting justice.

Your drawing of the mouse was a timely one for me. Last weekend we visited my father in law. He is 80 but has a plane he rarely flies but will not sell. I think the plane personifies his youth in his mind. He keeps his plane in a rented hanger at a very rural airport outside Russelville. Last winter mice got in his hanger seeking shelter. They got in the plane and chewed the insulation off the wires of some of the gages and controls. It cost my father in a law a fortune to get everything tested and repaired. Not to mention the assault this perpetrated upon the icon of his youth.

He was prepared for the mice the fall. He set out 6 spring traps and 4 glue traps. When we opened the door to the hanger I noticed the glee in his demeanor as he surveyed the mice in the traps. I will have to suggest to him that he start putting tick marks on his traps as well.


Buz Smith裏12/2/01

I forgot to add. I think you could sell copies of the mouse.


Marvin in Indianapolis裏12/26/01

Enjoyed touring your website, I liked the album series showing your car, and visits to Chad and Nancy's house. Keep up the good work. PS nobody has dozed off yet after two showings of my India trip slides!!! See you soon, Happy New Year
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